Welcome to Hemophilia Forward®

Welcome to Hemophilia Forward. We invite you to explore the science of gene therapy research, to stay informed, and to stay connected!

Hemophilia Forward was born out of feedback from you—the members of the hemophilia community. You told us you wanted to learn more about the field of gene therapy. It can be a complex topic, and there is a lot to explore and understand. You said you wanted the information available at a basic level, but with the opportunity to dive into more advanced topics. We designed Hemophilia Forward with that in mind—to give you the opportunity to explore the science of gene therapy at your own pace.

Hemophilia Forward was developed with direct input from members of the community. Our goal is to see that it continues to evolve with that same vision. We hope you’ll check back often to stay informed. If you see something you like, something you don’t understand, or additional topics you’d like us to cover, stay connected, and let us know!